The No Zebras program uses real world situations presented in short video vignettes. It focuses on educating command staff and enlisted personnel about the realities of sexual aggression as opposed to myth based opinions.
The vignettes give examples of sexual assault, stalking, partner violence and harassment in real life environments based upon actual situations. Between each vignette educators speak with the audience; addressing behaviors, reinforcing laws, and policies, while discussing the actions that could be used to intercede.
The highly acclaimed No Zebras Productions sexual assault prevention programs have been tested, researched and continually improved since it was first introduced.  It has been presented throughout the world to military personnel. 
Each educator has several hundred hours of sexual aggression education and advocacy training/experience. This one of a kind program gets results without alienating the audience.
*Programs available via Zoom as well. Inquire within!
“Your program was excellent!”

Dr. Robert Murray
Director of Counseling
US Coast Guard Academy

Programs now available via Zoom. Interested? Lets Talk.

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Wolfman Productions
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